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7 easy-to-do tips to lower your writing, disengage your audience and dissuade clients to work with you. You can obviously ignore the tips and do the exact opposite and up your game, we will let you decide.

1. Let’s start from the beginning no let’s start from the End – even better let’s completely confuse the readers on where we are trying to say by not following its sequence. As you probably already guessed, one crucial aspect of writing well is to clearly establish a flow of conversation so to write a horrible blog post we recommend that you completely puzzle and surprise your readers by making them wonder if they have not loaded the page correctly. Having the sequence or float to writing is crucial in ensuring that your reader can understand what you’re talking about, advantages, the purpose, and the most creative call to action blocked in completely forgetting about the call to action. Keep it hidden somewhere so nobody even knows that it’s there.

2. Let’s not forget how important it is to be boring. Fun writing is a great way to get people to read to engage and share more information with them so let’s get that out of the way. Let’s use long boring sentences that make no sense and are an absolute drag to read. Even better create new words(Shakespeare did!) or use obsolete terms and use them in broken sentences to ensure that the writing itself is so terrible that people close the window instead of clicking to learn more. You see clarity is a crucial aspect of writing well so that readers find the content easy to consume and act upon.

3. What could be better than a complete turn on the +target audience and its interest if you have been hired to write about a nursery why not shift and right about High Heels if you have been hired to write about laptop maintenance why not write about this Matrix it shall be in a debenture and we will completely lose out our get because good writing tends to ensure that every word in the sentence is written only for the target audience and engage them with new and relevant information things we are totally going to avoid in this blog post. unique.

4. Despite being a digital medium a blog post still comes from the legacy of a newspaper layout so a lot of people try to be creative and format the look and feel of it with the right headlines and space etc, a lot like a smart newspaper layout. Let’s completely get rid of these visuals and lists and infographics. Let’s give one big block of ink even better: use a font that is barely legible and of course, there is no need to do any punctuations. We never said writing badly is easy!

5. What if there is a third-grade child that reaches your blog and then decides to share it? We must make sure that the web page does not have any active social media icons or sharing options. It is important for a good blog post to be a piece of writing that can be shared online, so we ensure that our ink-block is different! Blog posts are popular and highly recommended as authority builders and this detailed piece of writing can easily be shared with large audience days or even years after being published. So take a note, there is no Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Reddit WhatsApp for our readers to spread the brand’s information.

6. A well-researched blog must include original sources quotes experts and share reliable data. In order to write the gem that we plan to write it is important that we quote none of the experts, let’s consider making up some data without any research, so skip the backlinks, ignore the data, forget about reliable sources and simply type as you wish and call that information the opinion of an in-house expert.

7. How much more can we add to the Ink block which is boring and does not follow sequence hmmm…grammatical errors? Good writing is supposed to be absolutely impeccable in grammar, punctuation, and copywriting so completely forget about those. Also, switch off the spell check and include redundant words ( make up a few new ones).

Now that we have shared our top 7 tips for writing the world’s worst blog post we hope you keep this in mind next time you sit down to write for a client. Every published writing bears the signature of the author not only at the bottom but at its core. A good piece of writing is a representation of the author’s minds, the effort they decided to put, and the value they wanted to share with the reader. Next time you read something that seems to follow the top 7 tips, share it with us or leave it in the comments so we can all get the inspiration we often seek.

Disclaimer: This blog post is an example of our ability to write on topics (no matter how new/weird/disruptive), it is no more than an exercise in humor and a fresh perspective to use overlapping keywords in a fresh, fun-to-read manner. actionable topics!