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The absolute must guide you to stand out and make your presence felt in the digital world!

Generic, one-size-fits-all content is a cardinal sin in digital marketing. After all, you are vying for the attention of a consumer who is spoilt for choice and only has time to glance at your product cursorily. It can be challenging to ‘preach what you practice’ – this is why at MegaMobius, we ensure that content mirror the brand’s personality. Here’s a sneak peek into our creative process…

1) Drop the cliches

Cliched language betrays a lack of effort and creativity. Read what is being written about your products—now you know what not to write.

An essential way of differentiating your product is by adopting a refreshing and unique tone. Take time to understand what you are selling and who you are selling it to—and the words will come to you effortlessly.

2) Weave a narrative

Successful and engaging content is written so that the consumer feels that they are part of the product’s story and invested in its growth.

Write content relatable to your target market, and don’t be afraid to infuse it with emotions. Telling a story can be a fantastic way to draw in potential clients and keep them engrossed. But be sure to include all elements of a story—a background, a mystery, a challenge, and a feel-good ending!

3) Steer clear of dishonest language

Every product these days is described as “life-changing” and a panacea to all problems in life. The customer today is too aware and educated to fall for this. Your content must not make vague promises but instead pointedly broadcast the genuine and meaningful change a consumer can expect in their lives from using the product.

People value honesty, especially in an era of disinformation and relatively deregulated online markets. Honest content builds trust and faith in your product.

4) Bring your story into your products

Entrepreneurs—big or small—are now at the heart of many marketing campaigns. Their books, speeches, and life stories are frantically searched and extensively discussed in popular culture.

You can add so much personality to your content by revealing the character behind your product! Consumers today want to know-how ideas for the product they are about to buy were conceived. It tells them about the vacuum in the market without the product and the circumstances that led to the development.

This process also lends credibility and legitimacy to your content, which convinces a consumer of the product’s benefits.

5) Research! Research! Research!

Content must be well-researched, backed and linked to studies, and peppered with interesting facts and data.

When a reader does not agree with the tone of your content or what you are selling, intellectually stimulating and data-backed content may hold the key to changing their minds.

6) Have a conversation

Creative content does not have to be boring. Keep it casual and conversational for maximum engagement. Write how you would describe the product to your friend.

You have to aim to balance sounding too patronizing or being too relaxed.

MegaMobius helps you achieve this and much more. We have provided quality services for many clients like:

  • Digital Marketing

  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Advertisement Campaigns
  • Website Development
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Email Campaigns

7) Include consumers in the ‘process’

Product development is complex. Why not take the consumer behind the scenes? Content includes notes on how different aspects of the product came together well with clients and made them a part of the brand’s story. It is o in keeping with trends, as actors and bloggers are talking about their ‘process’!

Content is king, and what’s a ruler without a solid personality?

Trust MegaMobius to come up with wholesome content and devoid of cliches—words that are certain to make YOU stand apart.

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