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When the pandemic-induced flying restrictions were lifted every travel and tourism companies restarted its marketing engines. One brand was able to make a striking impact on audiences across the globe, how could they not? When a woman holds a sign on top of  the Burj Khalifa dressed as Emirates crew – its a little hard to miss. The fact that you know the company names and remember the visuals proves the power of how effective marketing campaigns can be.

Today, every organization is striving to increase their brand awareness to be able to reach new customers. From small business owners to well-established business tycoons, everyone wants to promote their products and services in an effective way. However, very few are strategically accurate in executing a perfect marketing campaign. Many times companies organise several marketing campaigns in phase wise manner so that their brand recognition never fades away from the customers’ memory. But before we take you through the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, let’s dive into what a marketing campaign is all about.

The hair-raising video of Emirates Airlines featuring a woman dressed as its cabin crew member and holding a placard which read ‘To The World’s Greatest Show’ while standing on the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, was release by the Dubai based airlines at the backdrop of quarantine-free travel decision between the UAE and Britain. This thrilling marketing stunt grabbed millions of eye-balls who were curious to watch behind the scenes moments, thus creating a remarkable impact in the minds of the people who wanted to watch more of the Airlines.

What is a Marketing Campaign?

Marketing campaigns are a vital strategy for any business. It is a perfect way to promote products and reach a larger number of consumers, clients and leads in one go. When a company sets off strategic activities that endorses their business goals or objectives, it is called a Marketing campaign. While this strategy is not limited to advertising of the products and services, there is a fine line difference between a marketing campaign and an advertisement.

With more than 7 million blog posts are published every day, and 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every single MINUTE – you cannot rely on the ‘post and ghost’ approach and expect it to deliver real results. With a strategically planner campaign, your online presence will attract the right people retaint he current customer rbased and effectively ensure that customer journey is smooth and minus drop outs. .

How is a Marketing Campaign different from an Advertisement?

Identifying customer needs and designing products that meet those needs is the essence of marketing. By contrast, advertising is a paid form of promotion of a business and its products or services. A marketing campaign is more about creating awareness about the brand and engaging with the consumers in a more interactive way via offline, online, interactive sessions, personal demonstration, word of mouth and many such other platforms. While an advertisement is short lived, a marketing campaign can have a long lasting effect amongst the consumers.

In 2021 when Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing had launched a global campaign under the name Dubai Presents. The campaign was aimed at positioning Dubai as the world’s commercial hub and leading travel destination. It featured a series of six short trailer films captivating the iconic destinations across the city such as, Burj Al Arab hotel, Pierchic restaurant, Hatta, Jumeirah Al Naseem, etc. The breathtaking views and pull of international celebrities were a magical combination that appealed to tourists of all age groups and led to an impressive rise in the travel enthusiasts flying into the country.

How Marketing Campaign lets you stand out from the crowd?

For B2C sales, marketing campaigns are an important strategy as it connects with the target market and emphasises building relationships with the consumers by communicating with them in different ways.

Want to engage consumers and build brand reputation, but don’t know how to inform your target market? A good Marketing Campaign can be a game changing move that not only will grab your customer’s attention but will also make an impressive brand image for a longer period of time. It has quite an extensive reach that lets your business stand out from the crowd.

So, if you are planning to make some extraordinary moves through marketing campaigns that can boost your business, then reach us at With our super talented team of experts, we would help your business to not only promote your products and services, but also lead you to tap into potential new markets.

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