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You have a great business idea & even a great set of innovative products that are sure to add value to people’s life and money to your net worth. What next? This is where a lot of great ideas fizzle, let’s get you started the right way. At Mobius Digital Marketing, we bridge the gap between the conception of your idea and ensuring that it reaches the right audience. Starting from an optimized website with the right content, effective strategies for content, and marketing we bring prospective customers to you.

Optimizing a website for increasing relevant traffic and customer visibility is not everyone’s cup of tea! It needs undivided attention, crystal clear knowledge of the industry, audience as well as competitors. Think competitively! Why would a user select your website? What makes it unique to be noticed? How many options/websites your target audience has to replace with your site? Scroll down to know what we have got for you.

Go Mobius!

You certainly heard – Geography, demography, psychology, and behavioral are the four lenses that define your business’s primary target audience! At Mobius, we take great pride in the research we conduct in each of these segments by going beyond the data. To ensure that we share quality content with you, we access the customer journey in detail and attach value to each step before curating customized content – that’s how we turn traffic into relationships for your growth. Exploring your brand’s scope, industry trends and competition is a passion and our favorite hobby too! That’s why we provide free content analysis because whether we work on a project or not, we want to see you grow! CLICK TO KNOW MORE

Can People Find You Online?

Have you ever gone to the 38th page’s 6th search results? If your goal is to optimize your website for search engines, you need a content strategy that includes SEO at the foundation, not a last-minute addition. Let’s say that yours is a start-up organization with a creative product range and an idea to help people. But you need to get out and let people notice you, your product, and the very initiative behind the product. An attractive presentation of the website is not all that is required here. Technical experts know what we are talking about. There is a lot that goes on backstage. Continuous up-gradation, the latest advancements, and much more are fed every minute to keep up with the SERPs and SEO.

There may be grey and black hat styles that claim to help you rank higher, but we firmly believe that a good product, a smooth user experience, and a well-thought-out content strategy (with SEO at its core) is the best approach. The more comprehensive the content strategy, the more your website is optimized and the higher are the chances of being at the top of page 1.


What are SERP and SEO? Search Engine Results Page(SERPs) and Search Engine Optimization(SEO) are the two major pillars in mastering the art of website traffic. Many companies underestimate the purpose of having an expert SEO writer and make the mistake of hiring a copywriter to get the work done. They might save money, but it costs the business a lot more because of lost leads and visitors.

What is On-Page SEO? Why Should You Do It?

On-page or on-site SEO focuses on specific keywords considering the significant factors of traffic and search visibility. Quality content, meta descriptions, streamlining site navigation, fast website, etc are all part of online SEO. Once you begin researching, there is no end to finding innumerable solutions that lead to a better set of on-page SEO options for making your website unique.



Social Media Icons & Call to Action

Inbound links or backlinks can be the best CTA for gaining traffic at the speed of light. These often lead to another website by smartly placing it in the content of the former site.

The call to action button does a commendable job just as the backlinks! Let users know that you have more information or options on the already provided material. The positioning of the CTA button is another important step. Place your CTA either at the very top or somewhere in between the content related to it. Let it not be completely out of topic to confuse the users.

Refresh & Refocus on your Strong Suits

Always create backlinks or inbound links. They pull the traffic to your site without harming the ranking. They act as a catalyst when it comes to ranking the website higher in the search engines. These can be from Google, Bing, etc. To sum it up… content and backlinks work hand in hand. To work more efficiently with these, you’ve got to enthusiastically be eager to know more about the industry you capture along with its audience and your competitors.



Winning Mantra!

The world of technology has advancements every minute. One has to be up-to-date with the latest advancements and trending content strategies. By doing this the website will look like it’s walking with the era and not like the traditional gloomy sites just getting the work done.

Another winning mantra is to grab the audience’s attention with additional efforts in the form of offers and interactive content. Interactive content will make them scroll your site and ultimately spend more time. Let them know that you care about their choices and are ready for any suggestions. Add a question that says “help us serve you better” or “let us be the best for you.”

Technical strategies, as well as customer-friendly content together, are the key to winning this. We know the above is too much to grasp. Sorry but we’ve got more. Stay tuned to our space, we will add more information on actionable topics!